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Kinect Sensor of Microsoft works since Windows 7, and allows to you new application and new pratcices, just unknow until today !

   ...You just have to take control...






In 2011, as Microsoft certified partner : Alpes DEIS has taken control of Kinect sensor with succes, and confirm the genius capabilities of this mass market sensor.

If you have any idea, Alpes DEIS will help you do realize your POC (Proof Of Concept), Kinect based, to start enterring in the uses of tomorrow !

One people sensing :

 Visual C++


Two people sensing(a green and a blue), but we decide "to skeleton" only one, the recognised one...

(Of course we could have both if it would be usefull...)

 Visual C++


What technology for this sensor?

Kinect eye secret

Here it is, the myterious Kinect Eye by night !

It's the laser Class1, the miracle responsible !

 (up to the standard camera and the Infrared Camera)

.... Let us help you to take the control !

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