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Design : development steps

  Each step is independent !

SpecificationsCahier des charges

Full essential technical and user specifications redaction :

  • Saving time and planning locked since begining of project
  • Wide Mecatronic point of view (the best of each technology, mechanic + electronic + software for a better world)
  • Deep Research of forgotten functions and accurate specifications
  • Avises on Usability and ergonomics (look our tool SIHM in case of Complex or LCD product)


It's the innovation and creativity's Stage.

In this stage, the technical architecture and its manufacturing price are defined. 




Pré étude


  • Technical choices are demonstrated and Confirmed (electronic or mechanic)
  • Calculations of all components (electronic and mechanic)
  • Integration and design of the printed circuit board
  • Software : embeded firmware (and PC software when needed)
  • Prototypes
  • Functionnal Tests 
  • Electrical disturbance Tests


CE Certification

  • EMC* : Conformity tests according normatives rules for the product
  • Safety** : Conformity tests according normatives rules for the product

* Electro Magnetic compatibility 
** Safety for human, electrical but not only...



Or the way to get a serial manufacturing product :

  • Manufacturing tools adaptation (panel of printed circuit board, etc...)
  • Masks (LCD, Microcontroler…)
  • Printed circuit board cutting tools
  • Testing tools
  • Automatic component positionning software
  • Solder paste and/or glue Tools
  • Automatic coating software
  • Ingineering file (autorized bill of material, process description, delivery packaging …)
  • Testint and quality sampling File
  • Pre-serial manufacturing to valid process, industrial adjustements and Tools

Banc de test

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