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Use a product before it exists !

I have a dream ... And it runs !

With SIHM, your dreams become reality !


We propose on your screen, the front of your product (keyboard, display and warning lights), as you have minded it.

With your mouse (or with a specific electronic device if needed), all the actions on keyboard or external events can be simulated.

The result is on your screen ...

Typical Design Process :

  • minimum specifications (front panel, functionnal description)
  • Price offer
  • Order
  • First delivery by email
  • Product test

Advantages of SIHM : "Time to Market"

  • An excellent way of Idea presentaion
  • A good Link between Marketing and R&D department
  • The real true specification of the product
  • The possibility to present the product before its avaibility
  • A good teaching support for users

SIHM in details

SIHM is the essential tool for : the marketting manager, the product manager, the project manager, the design Manager and the CEO...
It's a very efficient and cheap answer to have functionnal prototype before spending money in hardware and electronic tools.
SIHM allows you to test easily an idea, to check usability and ergonomics of your product, and ajust ii to follow user's needs.
You only need to have a PC with windows.
The front of your device appears on your screen, during the design job, and you can use the buttons with your mouse or with a touch screen.
The result is immedialtly available under your eyes.
Each external fucntion can be simulated with a icon or with external hardware interface, depending of your specifications.

Sihm has been used by France Telecom for a phone design, by EDF for a electric meter and by a lot of other manufacturer for home or industrial devices.

Simulation screens samples

Programmateur Système domotique - Gestion des issues
Vertical Programmer
Domotic system - Door watching
Accessoire cuisson Programmateur horizontal
Cooking device
Horizontal Programmer
and lots other use: Air conditioner, Locking car door, Cooking computing and timer( Pyrolysis, and bread oven), bicycle counter, Electric Meter, Heating Programmer,  Video texte terminal....

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