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Standards Components

We work with the biggest European distributors, but also with local distributors and a « International Broker network » , to be able to import components from anywhere in the world, in case of emergency needs or if troubles with the standard purchasing supply chain.

We can offer you the best answer to your needs : on obsolete references, fast manufacturing, optimized costs, etc...


Specific Components 

This network has been completed since several years, and allows us now to work with vigilant and reliable partners. They provide us best price and quality, to keep our goal of excellence for our customers.

  • PCB Manufacturing : all technologies  : Single side, double side wire bonded, multilayers, flex, SMI, etc...
  • Keyboards/Front panel : Differents technologies available, depending specifications and uses to get the best Qaulity/Price.
  • Mechanical Parts and boxes : molded, machine tooled, drilled, cutted, etc... Welcome in the « Technic Vallée » where Alpes DEIS in situated ! We work with others specialists which are living around us in our beautifull valley, and their performance and specificity are a Major interest.

We manage Quality of all sub-contrator and batch identification, before starting manufacture your product.


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