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When the test operation is need on a small quantity batch, or if it is complicated to do without tools, it is made directly by Alpes DEIS (photos below).

When the batches are more important, the Test operation is made during the assembly process at our partner, in accordance to our procedures wrotten in the Test report by Alpes DEIS during the engineering Stage, by using differents means (It' s possible to add differents means to provide a better level, depending of the specifications of the project) :

  • Functional Test and Visual control
  • Functional Test with « semi-automatic » tester
  • FunctionalTest with « automatic » tester
  • Test « In Situ »
  • New : Test « AOI » (See photos below) optical automatic test.
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Tests de petites séries à  Alpes DEIS  » Click to zoom ->

Tests de petites séries à  Alpes DEIS

Lit de clous avec programmateur  » Click to zoom ->

Lit de clous avec programmateur

Test AOI  » Click to zoom ->

Test AOI

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