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Grenouille Rita Rita, connected to the USB or serial port of your PC, allows absolute pressure, temperature and humidity measurements.
She is able to provide these 3 data 60 seconds.

Rita is very nice, but she is very hard working and full of fight, imagine, every 6.5 seconds she measures the absolute pressure, air humidity and air temperature, that 8 times one after the other and finally calculates the average and (ouf ! ! !) waits for the request of your PC to transmit the result, after what she restarts for 8 measurements of the 3 data. . Fantastic isn't she ?

Technical informations

   Thermometer Barometer
0,1°C  0,1hPa  0,1%hr
(@ 50% of relative humidity)
Range  0°C at 50°C 750hPa at 1100hPa
26%hr to 100%hr
(@ 25°C ambiant temperature without condensation) 
Accuracy  1°C
(@ 20°C temperature temp)

  Absolute* : 1,5hPa
Relative** : 1,5hPa

(@ 50% of humidity)

Time constant
 15 minutes 1 minute
40 minutes 

* : in the range of 750 to 1100hPa and at 25°C ambient temperature
** : in the range of 750 to 1100hPa and 0°C to 50°C ambient temperature


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