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Radio XPro2 D/N

Radio XPro2 D/N Radio XPro2 D/N measures temperature and relative humidity, senses the light and sends these data via a 433 MHz radio link to the USB XPro-Base central unit.

Powered by two AA/LR6 batteries, supplied, it is able to measure these data every ten minutes. On this base the batteries life time is more than one year.

On the front panel a led displays every broadcast. The range is about 30 m, free air.

Technical informations

   Thermometer Light evaluation
0,1°C -
(@ 50% of relative humidity)
Range  -20°C at 60°C The day/night threshold of light sense is about 10 Lux. 0%hr à 100%hr
(@ 25°C ambiant temperature without condensation) 
Accuracy  0,5°C
(@ 25C temperature temp)

(at 50% relative humidity and 25°C ambient temperature)

Time constant
 15 minutes -
40 minutes 



More information : PDF Documentation (fr)


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