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Thanks to the FroggyProfessional software, XPro3 allows Pressure, Temperature, Humidity measurement.

Self powered by RS232 link, it is able to provide these 3 value every minute.

In fact every 6,5 secondes it measures pressure, humidity, and temperature, that 8 times one after the other and finally calculates the average and (ouf ! ! !) waits for the request of your PC to transmit the result, after what it restarts for 8 measurements of the 3 data.



Technical informations

   Thermometer Barometer
0,1°C  0,1hPa  0,1%hr
(@ 50% of relative humidity)
Range  -10°C at 50°C 750hPa at 1100hPa
26%hr to 100%hr
(@ 25°C ambiant temperature without condensation) 
Accuracy  1°C
(@ 20°C temperature temp)

  Absolute* : 1,5hPa
Relative** : 1,5hPa

(@ 50% of humidity)

Time constant
 15 minutes 1 minute
40 minutes 

* : in the range of 750 to 1100hPa and at 25°C ambient temperature
** : in the range of 750 to 1100hPa and 0°C to 50°C ambient temperature


More information : PDF Documentation (fr)


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