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Our Job :

  • Electronic Product Design:
    • Mass market (100K units to a few million per year) : Product Price optimization (Initial and recognised Know How of Alpes DEIS on Automotive and household appliances)
    • Medium market (1000 to 50K units per year) : best compromise product price/design price (Know How developped since the end of the 1990's, which allow a good level of performance with well managed costs)
    • Small needs (1 to 100 units) : Global cost well managed (design cost + manufacturing cost) often use for industrial needs.
  • Partial design (only one part : firmware or hardware) working hand to hand with the design Team of our Customer : Each step is independant.
  • Full Project management : from specifications to serial manufacture of full "mechatronic" product or single electronic board, use us to secure and optimize the launch of your new project !!!
  • Redesign with cost reduction on your product or on an existing function : Alpes DEIS is use to win such kind of challenge , as far as the quantity afford a new design, just try it, lend us your product with its specifications, our first opinion is free(*) Just have a look at "success stories : examples of cost reduction "
  • Adjust one of our own product to your needs :  use a similar technology on your project, our knowledge will make you earn time and money !

(*) Is this case, we recommend you to be in a "Win-Win" spirit, come to us with a maximum of informations (economical and technical) and you will have quickly a good idea of the available profit to do !

Ours means, ours services

Plaquette de présentation

Presentation of Alpes DEIS (in french) 


Video Presentation (in French): 


Electronic Product Design

Documentation (in french) "Conception de produit électronique".

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Documentation (in french) "Manufacturing".

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Human Machine Interface Simulation (SIHM)

Documentation (in french) "SIHM".

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Computing Software

Documentation (in french) "Computing Software".

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