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Alpes DEIS : actor for more than 20 years in Mechatronics


Alpes DEIS is an industrial partner and an active member of Thésame.


Mechatronics Events

EMM2012 Conference and Exhibition at the 10th European Mechatronics Meeting
EMM2011 Exhibition at the 9th European Mechatronics Meeting in INNO-ROBO
EMM2010 Exhibition at the 8th European Mechatronics Meeting
EMM2009 Assist to the 7th European Mechatronics Meeting
EMM2008 Exhibition at the 6th European Mechatronics Meeting
EMM2007 Exhibition at the 5th European Mechatronics Meeting
Découvrir la mécatronique Regional Meeting conference of January 29th, 2007
EMM2006 Conference & Exhibition at the 4th European Mechatronics Meeting
EMM2005 Conference & Exhibition at the 3th European Mechatronics Meeting

  Mechatronics statistics of Alpes DEIS

  • 540 engineering projects handled these last 12 years (i.e. 45 projects/year).
  • Of wich 83 mechatronics projects containing an important part of mechatronics system, wich improve an historically mechanical function thanks to the addition of electronics.
  • We notice the huge part of Car industry and Industry/Building trade, but with an important return of household appliances these last 2 years and the arrival of a Sport section in 2006 !


Statistique 2007 d'Alpes DEIS en mécatronique


You can view this document in pdf file format : Mechatronics stats of Alpes DEIS.

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